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BABstats. Chronos Credits

Tomas Stucinskas a.k.a Baboon (Original Author of the Uploader and Server scripts)

- provided several game servers to test the programs, and overall helped a lot

Dancer - helped with testing of the programs

RED BULL - rank and weapon images.

CONDA - provided a very important info on BHD internals

Folk at chancellor.ai-hq.com - for useful information and other help

Neos.Chronos Credits

Peter Jones a.k.a T֫ zrl (Modifier of the Server scripts)

Neos.Chronos v1.9.0 Credits

Shark -oZi- (Modifier of the Server scripts)
Sinep (Modifier of the Server scripts & responsible for fixing the PHP 4.4.x bug)

Support staff and beta testers for without these guys none of this could be possible

His Mother
Cpt Nader


And to all the members of the babstats forum for all their idea and input to this community effort.

Babstats will continue to grow with the needs of the community to the best of its ability.

Look for more new and exciting updates in the near future.

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